Knowledge base
Knowledge base

You can find some answers about our project here.

  • Do you want to get information about panel sql settings?

    Our VSRO PANEL sql server settings file: wwwroot / license / panel_sql_settings.php. Be sure to enter your SQL server information correctly.

  • Do you want to get information about Paywant Integration?

    When you log in to the admin panel via VSRO PANEL, you can do this by choosing apikey, secretKey and payment system via paywant integrations. You also need to enter your sql settings in wwwroot / license / payments_sql_settings.php file.

  • Panel language pack change

    VSRO PANEL has 3 language files. These are Arabic, English and Turkish. You can change them in the lang folder. You can create a different language.

  • Would you like to get ionCube help?

    VSRO PANEL is uniquely encrypted with ionCube for file security. To decrypt, ionCube 7.2 must be installed. All and more are described in the installation video on your customer panel.

  • How does the licensing system work?

    When VSRO PANEL is installed on your server, it produces special uuids for you. You can create a 1 day free license from the customer panel with the license number generated. If you like, you can extend its duration.

    When the license period is extended, you can use it on the server you want and you can change the license uuid produced on different servers as many times as you want. There is no limit. You can make your license active or passive during the lifetime.

  • Which Php version do we use?

    VSRO PANEL Php version 7.2 is used. For your safety, always use the current version.